Monday, July 20, 2009

Without YOU ....

28 april, circa 1996.....Few wise people counselled me....said that poetry is distinguished from prose as its expression is thru' a structured rhyme n rythm and mine were'nt even close. That was enough to prod me into writing this poem with rhyme,rythm,reason and sweet retribution. And when i started it, i cudnt end it soon enough....:D

I probably have never told you,

That’s cos' you never asked me

But you are someone I can cry my heart out to,

And rest in faith cos' I know you'll carry me thru'.

Your genuine care shows in your eyes,

Your enchanting smile striking fire even on cold ice.

You are someone I can trust with my secrets …..My dreams

You are the only one who can read my silent screams.

You are the only one who suffers when I am hurt....You do,

Thats why I associate only to you.

It isn’t all my fault if I' ve begun to love you,

Cos' theres no one who makes me feel like you do.

Sometimes I question my self, can I ever make it thru?

Thru' this world, without having you.

I realize without my mentor, i'd b left without a clue.

Without your charming smile, I’d only rue.

Sometimes it feels like the world is turnin against me,

And I see no way I can break free.

But then, I see u reach out for me

With your undying help, I begin to justly see.

So many times I wanted to quit the fight,

But then, I see ur smile and everything just has to become alrite.

I know we've been thru some misinterpretations,

And now I feel its time I rise above all pretensions.

And declare to you my love,

And let the wings fly..... the white dove.

You took me for wat I am

Across the floods of confused emotions, you’ve helpd build a dam.

Giving directions to this maverick heart of mine

Its now your captive and forever’ll remain thine.

So this desperate moment when miles stand separating us,

Each thought of you becomes testing and torturous,

Cos' its only wen someone you care for goes afar,

That you realise just how much you really need her.

Now my inspiration and support lies dead,

However hard I try, every situation is misread.

Without u here, nothing seems to be the same,

Inspite of myself, my confidence puts me to shame.

Every song now seems unsung,

All my aspirations stay unduly hung.

All along I thought I was strong....

But now, you've proved me wrong.

Cos' all my strength lies in you,

And everytime you leave me, a part of me goes too.

Everytime some one calls me

I turn around hoping its you

Your photograph,tho' no substitute, always by my side,

Momentarily consoles this foolish heart and its turbulent tide.

Without your presence supporting me, everything seems to go sore,

Anything I do, just cant seem to satisfy me anymore.

One by one all the moments we shared run across my mind,

The pain….the happiness…our relationship – one of its kind.

I thrive now on the memories of our little conversations,

Lovely instances of those subtle tensions.

Those little “thank you’s” and “sorry’s”,

Sincere moments without any worries.

They shall remain in my heart forever young,

So that whenever recalled, I’d love getting sweetly stung.

Every nite its you that I dream of

Theres nothing that can turn this fever off.

People talk but I don’t listen, i've got no choice,

Where do they stand in front of your soft voice.

I smile only becos' am expected to

It never is complete without you.

I try to talk back but I falter.....

Am aimlessly lost without your shelter

Without you my emotions only wander, never complete....

Ecstacy or pain, only when you're here will they get replete.

I don’t know if u feel the same,

As for me, my wailing heart I cant seem to tame.

Its only in your tight embrace that it shall soothe....

Only in your reinstated company shall it go smooth.

My happiness lies in your two hands,

Took me some time to understand.

Each day seems to stretch to eternity,

With you, you've taken my sense and sanity.

I don’t seem to feel anything anymore,

But when you're back, feel sure, I’ll love you all the more.

Our love as a rose also bears a thorn,

But then, every nite has its dawn.

Time that has taken you away.....

Shall bring you one day.... back my way.

It wont be long when we will be together,

For now,each moment of separation….

Seems like........................Forever.

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