Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Communion of Hearts

....15 march, circa1996.... this one has to be my only completely metaphorical analogy with a strict structure and flow. Hope you guys enjoy it.....

I am the candle and you its flame,

Our love, the fire that burns thru’ wind and rain,

Shower of solace, the annihilation of pain.

I am the soul and you its dream,

Our love, the exhilarating pellucid stream,

Apostle of trust, apostasy’s dying scream.

I am the heart and you its burning desire,

Our love, the surge of sincere emotions that are entire,

Feelings in harmony that shall never ever tire.

I am the river and you the pouring rain,

Our love, the flow that winds thru’ the deserts sandy terrain,

Sustaining life, keeping it judicious and sane.

I am the flower and you the spring,

Our love, the fragrance that survives the seasons swing,

The most beautiful creation shot from the Natures sling.

This communion of hearts is inevitable, God’s decree,

What was once a pleasant possibility,

Shall I promise be a heartwarming reality.

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