Sunday, July 19, 2009

Loves never meant to stay

It is today that i rediscovered my old compilation of poems ( if all u generous people would give me huge allowances and consider these as poetry that is...) in an old and tattering book that i'd saved in a deep remote corner long forgotten. Was also frightened to see the pages withering and the ink fading....much like the memories that so invaluably were attached to them. It was then that i wanted to imprint them beyond the confines of my ageing "Mind", across some "Space" on the web, that could stand the ravages of "Time". Thus was born this blog.......and thus shall it continue.

This one i gather, i had written way back in the March of 1994. The naiive and the romantic surface....

I remember the times

We sat by the river….

We ran thru’ the waters….

We brushed off our sorrows….

We rushed thru’ the corn fields….

Lit golden by the dying Sun….

Sinking down the horizon.

But now its all over

You say that you are leaving

Oh! It hurts me so!

For, you were the one n only….

Who understood me, took me for what I am

But now u’ve to go

Just as we were growing….

Growing to be more than good friends

Now you say goodbye

And so will it be if it has to be.

For in your pleasure lies my deliverance.

If you see me in tears, I’ve every reason dear.

For with you, you are taking a part of me.

An invaluable piece of my heart that I thought belonged to me

And if you ever decide to come back

Remember I’ll always be here….Just for you…

I’ll remember the times

Playing in the back of my mind

All the love u gave me

Only then it will all be gone

Runaway by time, overshadowed by destiny

Like the sandcastle of our love

Giving in to the unruly waves of fate

As Time was envious of the true love we cherished…..

Lady, our love was never meant to stay.

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