Sunday, July 19, 2009

Living in Black and White

This poem saw almost 3years pass by between its inception to completion! And to cut a long story short, it wasnt becos' i was working on it all that time, but, b'cos i wasnt workin on it at all.And so, many a poem of mine saw the light of the day much before this one did. Anyways...allow me to make a modest beginning from where it all my 10+2, Circa 1993........ You will find the prose or is it poetry? find greater maturity in structure as it ages in those 3+ years.....Ur comments r welcome one hundred percent!

Look at those people

Immersed are they in the seemingly

Never-ending ocean of affliction

The little child a stranger to any affection

With no one to care…

Is left helplessly in destitution

Look at them cry…

Look at them die.

Oh! Do look at the best of friends vie…

For the crumbs left by the passer-by.

The old woman stretches her pathetic feeble arms….

To receive those miserly alms.

Their dresses in rags all torn,

For ages, the same’ve been worn

Everyone who passes them is sorry,

But none gives it a thought or even worry.

For, they have their own selfish lives to care,

To stand up and fight for the deprived they don’t dare.

More n more miles in the journey of living

Unforeseen toil and unquenchable craving

Dreams of good food, shelter and family,

In reality, they shall never be.

And as the ailing mother’s tears wet her stillborn….

All her maternal longings get mercilessly torn.

Two souls born on the same day

But of their different fates what can I say?

While one goes to the Kindergarten’

The other tends to the arid garden.

While one sleeps in the warmth of his home,

The other shivers in the streets as the rains come.

Even as the power monger’s promises prove a fake…

They are forced to live life just for living’s sake.

No strength to even dream of an aim in life,

Each moment of vicious time in personal strife.

Their crippled life an eternal agony

Call it Times oppression or Fates felony.

It is not that we are not wary of the sight….

We shamelessly sleep tight at night,

Even as a derelict orphan roams the streets in plight.

Can’t we contribute just a little towards getting things right?

What for the money n what for the comforts…

When thousands of children’s lives are but parched deserts.

Why anyone isn’t genuinely bothered?

Is it that the humane heart has withered?

Its just that the stock of the situation has turned us so cold….

That we just can’t seem to get out of the mould.


For, if u can live your own life in vibrant colors,

Cant’ you spare just a little for the black and white lives of others???

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