Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Continuum...

14th february, circa 1996......If there was, is, or going to be any one person i owe me and myself genuinely to , it will have to be my Mom.She has been my strength and soul. I started out fearing if i could say enough of how much i love her and how very much she means to me and ended up, inspite of myself, not saying half as much. Cos' Mom words are far too weak in whatever volume and can never measure up to a Mother's Love. Thanks Mom, for all your efforts and all your Prayers that have made me all that i am today and Thank you Mom for all that you are........

From the warmth and security of ur womb

Was I born….into this world which I had to survive.

The sparkling tears of happiness on your face, Mother,

Declaring the sense of satisfaction, for, in my birth lay….

The objective of Life’s Continuum.

With a feeling of fulfillment that shall never be forgotten

A sense of apprehension crept into your heart Mother.

For u had to carve a formidable character…..

Shape the future of your son.

And ever since, Mother, you’ve wrapped me….

In the sweet warmth of your affection,

Announcing a silent bond that was inevitable

For, in me, flowed your blood.

For, I wasn’t just me but a part of you.

In you, as a child I saw… protector… savior

My everything!

You were so clever mother…..a shrewd calculator.

Allowing me to tread into the forest and endure the danger,

When you felt I should.

And yet, encompass me in the security of your care,

When I needed it most.

You’ve helped me mature, Mother,

The way a real Man should.

Little did I know then,

That the wavering steps that I took as a child…..

Under your guidance…..falling down so often,

Reflected upon life’s ways.

Happiness and grief, Success and failure.

You have Mother, helped me appreciate both alike.

Just as a sculptor out of a piece of lifeless rock

With perseverance and devotion, carves a living masterpiece

You have Mother, contributed towards framing

A laudable character unto me.

And today if I stand to be appreciated as I am

It is all thanks to your unconditional love….

Your unsurpassable guidance, gentle criticism and limited freedom.

Even now Mother, when Time sometimes proves my enemy….

When my heart aches with throbbing pain and sleep betrays me

I cuddle up beside you and then am your little child again.

Then all my troubles seem to run out of my life

Run away from the protective spirit of your motherhood

And the strong bond we share rejuvenates….

With time….with circumstances….

Sometimes it almost puts me to tears, when I see you,

Challenge your mental strength, surpass your physical capacity,

Only to put me to ease…See your son happy.

So very often I feel a fool in me, when I realize….

We don’t stand on common grounds.

While u share love unconditionally

I remain guarded… momentarily gratitudeless.

That is becos’ Mother, I cannot…even if I wanted to…

Love you the way you love your Son.

Those instances when u fought the devil of Time….

With your back to the wall,

Took a step were no one else would’ve even dared to try,

Not for any accolades for bravery, but for the love of your son.

All the pain, tears and sacrifice that went into molding me….

Shall never be forgotten

For Mother, you will continue to hold the most divine place….

In this lifetime and possibly beyond.


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