Monday, July 20, 2009

The Living Dead!

This is a poignant tale, the seeds of which i cant seem to remember came from where, but were sown as i gather from the entry i made on the 25th of may 1995. But today i see it as this aged, massive and yet, strong tree of emotions that seems to hold the winds of contemplation and momentarily suspend them into genuine introspection.....i wonder......

He was born of the dark womb…..into poverty.

Lonely n frail….an unwanted child….a bastard.

The juvenile mother stared at her kin in helpless shame.

The baby’s hungry cries shooting daggers at her heart.

Her desperate tears of grief quenching the child’s thirst.

And when tolerance faded and the urge to live died,

She gave an affectionate peck to him…her child…

And kissed death to escape the heartache.

Leaving him in the Nature’s cradle.

And as the elements nurtured him to sense,

Life transformed into baseless agony,

Wrestling with the street dogs for a morsel of food in the trash,

With the chill of every drop of the pouring rain,

And as sense prevailed, it turned his humane heart callous and cold.

A question always throeing his mind…

Why had god provided entry into this world,

And then, unfairly dragged the life out of his living,

Left him lurking aimlessly in the hostile world.

So he grew, grew with anguish

With the scorching heat of each day questioning his existence

With the silence of each night screaming into his ears.

Soon desperation and hunger bred disgust and hatred

Despise for the crooked world around him….

Bent on seeing him wane.

But live he had to, to prove the World wrong.

And to live he had to survive a personal struggle,

And to survive the battle, shed all inhibitions and reason.

And thus, the World saw…. the birth of an enemy,

Created out of its atrocity and insensitivity.

He began to strike at the domineering aristrocrats….

Who had plenty yet, nothing to spare for the underdogs.

Who sucked the life out of the poor and needy…..

To add bricks to their bungalows of greed.

He began robbing them of what should have been his.

He mercilessly did them to death

Just as mercilessly as they had dragged passion out of his soul.

Each kill a step closer towards retaliation.

He was winning. He was breathing life, rejuvenated.

So, on one of his vengeful missions….

He killed in cold blood and unpityingly a rich couple in their house,

The blood alluring him closer to his obsessive victory….

And when the couples frightened little girl held him by his leg,

Unaware of his bearing….her parents’ murderer,

The moment stretched….

As time adamantly stood still.

For in the child’s poor innocent eyes, he could see….

The memories of his own childhood flashing back

The hunger….the insecurity….the desperation.

The sparkling tears in her eyes reminding him….

Of his only food, once, as a child.

Realization convinced him, he had now done to the child,

What the world had done unto him

In forcefully fighting and surviving the world,

He was drastically emulating it.

In fighting a personal struggle

He was wiping off identities of many an innocent.

The very thought sent fire running thru’ his body

….in his victory lay his inevitable defeat.

So, on one stormy night.…

With the sound of thunder muffling that of the gun shot.

With the lightening flashing his dead body,

The world rejoiced in jubiliation….

Even as another lone child trodded the dark streets,

The elements exhilarated at the prospects of another challenge

……..Challenge from the Living Dead!

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